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IPhone Antivirus Review for the Guaranteed Protection

Most likely, no antivirus is required for newer iPhone models. All this is because the file system is maximally securely closed from any unauthorized access, and the likelihood of infection by viruses is rapidly approaching zero. Viruses are almost impossible to catch.

Even if any vulnerabilities are found on iOS, they are usually used for jailbreak purposes (they bring positive changes to those who wish to expand the capabilities of their favorite device).

It should also be taken into account the fact that no antivirus will be able to work at all its strength on the iPhone (or on another iOS device), because this will require access rights to many protected systems, and ordinary App Store applications do not have such an opportunity.

Based on this, it can be said that at this time the protection of the iPhone from viral threats is very high. But this is for now because viruses are becoming more and more dangerous.

As soon as the user buys a new long-awaited iPhone for a round bag, then immediately there is a desire to protect it as best as possible from all kinds of threats. To protect against minor mechanical damage, scratches, and all kinds of chips, they buy a new bumper for the iPhone.

And to protect the gadget system well, they try to purchase the highest quality antivirus. Even though antivirus for iPhone is a very controversial topic, there are still many programs that have won a large audience of users around the globe.

Antivirus Lookout Mobile Security

It took the first position in the ranking of applications in this area. Lookout Mobile Security is not only an excellent antivirus but also can locate and track the location of a stolen or lost iPhone. The iPhone can be easily synchronized with a personal computer using GPS.


It is a powerful antivirus that protects your gadget from Trojans, “worms” and other serious viruses. As soon as viruses are first detected, the application will warn you about the threat and provide an opportunity to delete the suspicious file or document. The program has many useful functions: it blocks suspicious pages of sites that can carry a potential threat, automatically creates online file backups for the iPhone.


One of the popular antiviruses, Norton, performs perfectly all the tasks: it checks the iPhone for viruses, warns the user about threats, monitors the location of the iPhone, and prohibits access to websites using malicious links.


The excellent Avira antivirus is a godsend for your iPhone. Protects against viruses, visiting malicious sites, downloading damaged files, music, photos. This antivirus is most suitable for active users of social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

VirusBarrier Antivirus

It takes its rightful place in this small review. Allows you to scan iPhone for viruses and permanently delete damaged files. Online scans mail and received files.

Perhaps this small review was useful for you, and you have found the required antivirus among the list. It’s not recommended throwing large sums of money on the antivirus for the iPhone, but as a safety net, you can install one of the programs that will take care of the safety of your device.

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