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Coming Technologies in 2020

The next year, analysts called revolutionary for many technological projects. Fifth-generation communication networks will lead humanity into the world of ubiquitous mobile technology, chatbots, voice assistants and smart cities. But is the future that offers the world new technology so cloudless?

Sales: Artificial Intelligence and Voice Assistants

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are gradually penetrating all, without exception, the chains of consumption of goods and services. Developments in the field of transport allow predicting the imminent (in the future 3-5 years) distribution of self-driving cars. The smart home, the prototype of which was invented by Stanley Kubrick in 1968, has become a reality in the aggregate of implemented technologies. There is also an IoT control center, its role is predicted by voice assistants and chatbots.

Connectivity: Next Generation Networks (5G)

The basis of the new technological revolution will be the even greater connectedness of user devices that the fifth-generation telecommunication networks promise. The transition to the 5G communication standard is expected in the coming year. Users will receive ultra-fast Internet, which is expected to “cheer up” the market for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and in the future will stimulate the development of smart cities infrastructure.

Marketing companies and developers will receive even more data, which means they can raise the bar for sales and the quality of customer service to a new level.

Technique: the hegemony of mobile devices

The commissioning of 5G networks, analysts suggest, will reduce the cost of user devices that, by a strange coincidence, will technically reach the limit of their capabilities next year.

Even today, the mobile market is in a state of the scarcity of original technologies in devices: manufacturers offer devices that are functionally similar and differ only in the properties that create marketing departments of manufacturers. Yes, the latest iPhone model offers high-quality materials, a fast processor, a bright screen, face recognition technology, but all this (albeit with different reservations) is also available in cheaper devices from Chinese and Korean competitors Apple.

Information: the heyday of Fake News

Analysts at the Gartner consulting agency claim that by 2022 the volume of consumption of false information will be higher than the volume of real messages received. The heyday of “Fake News” is associated with the development of telecommunication and information networks, as well as with the advent of artificial intelligence generation of false messages.

All these technologies will create problems not only for consumers but also confuse the work of news agencies and the media: shortly, journalists will be forced to verify the accuracy of messages without taking into account audio and video recordings. Users will be left alone with a chaotic and heterogeneous flow of information, which will increase the chances of successful manipulation by government organizations, criminal and extremist communities.

Content: The Age of Media Dominance

In 2018, the duration of watching the online video for the first time in history exceeded the rate of television viewing. According to Zenith, on average, each user spent 67 minutes watching a mobile video.

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