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Do We Really Need a New iPhone Every Year?

Let’s be honest! What’s new in the latest iPhone Xs and iPhone XR? They still know how to call, take pictures and play music. They make it possible to send messages and even use navigation.

But all this can and iPhone SE. Nevertheless, we want to run for the next new Apple smartphone every year.

Is this a “diagnosis”? No, this is Apple’s thoughtful marketing. Let’s see how it works.

Trick 1. The company slows down old devices every year

At the end of 2017, Apple confirmed that it was specifically slowing down the old iPhone. She explained this by the issue of battery wear, which gradually ceases to cope with peak loads.

It is very strange that the company told about this fact and added the necessary features to a separate menu of battery settings only after raising the fuss.

Trick 2. Apple regularly changes the color scheme of cases

All Apple fans are divided into two equivalent camps: some bother about the appearance of all their devices, and the second does not even care about the color of the devices that they actively use every day.

Just look at these examples:

  • Completely black iPhone 7 – although the smartphone is almost no different from its predecessor, it turned out to be incredibly popular precisely because of the new colors.
  • An interesting game with “Gold” – with the release of the iPhone 8, the company also began to play with shades of gold, combining it with a pink version of the device.

Despite all the talk about the ecosystem, you will always feel discrepancies in the appearance of your Apple devices. The perfectionist inside will strive for excellence and force you to buy newer and newer iPhones.

Trick 3. Apple often uses short-lived materials

When we start talking about the benefits of Apple devices, we immediately recall the huge period of their official support and the ability to use each of them for several years in a row.

Nevertheless, we rarely recall that after a couple of years almost every one of them looks so-so: it is covered with scratches, chips, dents and other injuries.

So, why do we even strive to buy an iPhone every year?

In general, we have several reasons for the desire to buy a new device every year:

  • We want to try all the new chips, but they rarely appear in old smartphones.
  • We do not want our devices to go dull and turn off in the cold.
  • We collect sets of devices in one color, but then the palette changes.
  • We hasten to get rid of old devices with real and far-fetched problems.
  • We do not want to use scratched and broken devices.

This means that in addition to specific advantages, they also have well-thought-out marketing, which makes us want to buy fresh iPhones every year.

Keep this in mind before dreaming of a new device.

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